2018-2019 Sunday Children's Ministry Registration 兒童部星期日事工登記

Thank you for taking the time to register your child(ren) age 0 to 5th Grade for the 2018-2019 school year which starts on August 12, 2018. Please complete this form in English.
~ Saturday ARROWS has a separate registration form.
~ The information on this form is secure and will allow the Children's Ministry to better partner with you.

2018-2019新學年將於8月12日開課,請為您的子女們(0歲至5年级)登記 請以英文填寫表格
~ 星期六神箭活動將另設登記表格
~ 以下填寫資料將會保密, 只供兒童部事工策劃之用

Child #1 第一位學生

Child #2 第二位學生

Child #3 第三位學生

Parent / Guardian 家長/監護人

Each registration must provide information of AT LEAST ONE parent / guardian. Providing information of the second parent/guardian will be best in case the first parent/guardian cannot be reached. Only email messages about Kids Church events and important announcements will be sent to the provided email addresses. The phone number is necessary to contact the parent / guardian  in case of an emergency. For form fields that are not applicable, please enter "NA".


Agreements / Waivers

Volunteering / Comments

One of the greatest ministries you can serve is your children in the Children's Ministry. The Children's Ministry desires to provide opportunities for parents to actively involve in your child(ren)'s church life throughout the year.  Please read through the list and check off potential areas of interest.  We will contact you with service opportunities.  Thank you for your investment into SJCAC Children's Ministry.  We hope you will be able to invest back into this ministry sometime during this year or in the near future.
能够在教會事奉裏服侍自己的子女們,是相當有意義的。兒童部希望能提供更多機會讓家長參與兒女的靈命成長。請選擇有意幫忙的項目, 兒童部將聯絡你們。多謝!